Shades of Blue,, Jessica Jones, Suburra… The appointment series from 18 to 24 February

The return of Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta in the season 2 of “Shades of Blue” on 13th Street to the arrival of the heroine in Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” on TF1 Series, Movies, overview of the events series from 18 to 24 February. Monday, February 18, TF1 – SAT : end of season 3 of the comedy about the French teacher is not like the others, embodied by Natacha Lindinger (2 episodes). 13th Street – SHADES OF BLUE : Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta find themselves in a season 2 unedited. OCS City – COUNTERPART : end of season 2 of the thriller SF, with J. K. Simmons (US+24). National Geographic – in THE VALLEY : kick-off of the series, tracing the meteoric rise, the friendships, the rivalries, the victories and failures of the founders of the Silicon Valley. US – MANIFEST : final of season 1 on NBC. Tuesday, February 19, US – The FATAL WEAPON : end of season 3, followed by the final of season 2 of the GIFTED on Fox. Wednesday, February 20, RMC Story – ABSENTIA : end of season 1 of the thriller american. Absentia : Stana Katic presents the series thriller "zero downtime" Thursday, February 21, US – FLACK : kick-off on Pop. US – THE OATH : start of season 2 on Sony’s Crackle. Friday, February 22, France 2 – CHERIF : clap of the end for season 6 of the police series in france, with 2 brand new episodes. TF1 Series Films – JESSICA JONES : kick-off of the series Marvel worn by Krysten Ritter. Sundance TV – STAN AGAINST THE DEMONS : the launch of the comedy-horror with John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox in Scrubs). Netflix – SUBURRA : online of season 2 of the thriller Italian. Homecoming – season 1 trailer VO Amazon Prime Video – HOMECOMING : season 1 of the drama worn by Julia Roberts, available in multilingual version. Saturday, February 23, NRJ 12 – THE BIG BANG THEORY : the launch of the 11 season of the adventures of Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and others. Comedy Central – I LIVE WITH MODELS : kick-off of the british comedy on a model of hands lazy and handsome, sharing his apartment with three top models to the perfect plastic. Sunday, February 24, US – THE HEART HAS ITS REASONS : starting the season 6 on Hallmark Channel. US – TRUE DETECTIVE : final of season 3 on HBO.

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